Heartburn During Pregnancy : The Most Crucial info that Every Women Should Know

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Heartburn During Pregnancy – What Is It?

Heartburn during pregnancy is a common complaint. It occurs on daily basis in at least 20% of North Americans and is even more common in obese individuals. It is estimated that more than 70 percent of women develop it during the latter stages of their pregnancies and will need some form of heartburn relief during pregnancy.

Heartburn is sometimes referred to as acid indigestion – The disorder primarily occurs when acid from the stomach is pushed up (refluxes) inside the swallowing tube (esophagus). The potent acid then causes a burning sensation in the chest. Heartburn during pregnancy usually becomes more prominent in the 2nd or 3rd trimester. As the uterus enlarges, it pushes on the stomach. The stomach contents in turn then reflux into the esophagus. Normally , there is a valve at the end of the esophagus that prevents the acid from refluxing. In pregnancy, it is believed that the female sex hormone, estrogen, also causes loosening of this valve and allows acid to reflux upwards.

Heartburn can also occur after overeating or from certain foods – Foods that can cause excess relaxation of the valve in the lower esophagus include caffeine, alcohol, citrus fruits, garlic, onions, chocolate, tomatoes and peppermint. Moreover, oily foods can also cause heartburn. One of the most common causes of heartburn in North America is smoking, which not only relaxes the valve but also stimulates acid secretion.

Heartburn is not pleasant and in most cases causes a burning type pain in the left lower chest. The pain can last from a few minutes to several hours. Often the pain is aggravated by lying down or bending after eating. When lying down, sometimes there may be a burning sensation in the throat. Others may complain of a salty or acid taste at the back of the throat. With severe heartburn, one may also have difficulty swallowing and there may be a sensation of food sticking at the back of the throat. Heat burn can also cause a chronic drug cough or hoarseness.  Often the heartburn during pregnancy may be accompanied by excess sweating, facial flushing and dizziness. Sometimes the pain of heartburn can be mistaken for a heart attack.

[box] Heartburn During Pregnancy is not Life Threatening but it can Affect the Quality of Life[/box]

The diagnosis of heartburn is not difficult. Doctors can use a variety of tests to make the diagnoses of heartburn. The good news is that once the pregnancy is over, heartburn spontaneously resolves.

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 Heartburn Relief During Pregnancy

Heartburn typically occurs during the second and third trimester of pregnancy. Unfortunately, heartburn does progressively get worse as the pregnancy goes on. The majority of women experience some degree of heartburn during pregnancy. While most women can get through pregnancy without taking any medications, in some women the heartburn is severe and requires some type of treatment.

One of the chief reasons why women develop heartburn during pregnancy is because the fetus pushes onto the stomach, which then results in acid being pushed into the esophagus.  Ultrasound studies have revealed that as the fetus grows, it sits right infront of the stomach. Now doctors suggest that rather than take medications, there are many positions pregnant women can adopt to get some heartburn relief during pregnancy.

The first rule of thumb is not to eat to heavy meals. Eat several small meals and never eat late at night or just before bedtime.  It is recommended that the last meal should be at least 2-3 hours before bedtime. If you are thirsty drink water. Foods to be avoided include chocolates, oily foods, citrus fruits, tomato sauce, spices and meat products. Excess coffee is a common cause of heartburn and should be avoided.  Both smoking and alcohol are some of the biggest causes for this problem and so get some heartburn relief during pregnancy, they should be avoided.

All pregnant women who have heartburn should alter their sleeping positions. The head of the bed should be elevated. This helps keep the food down and the acid will not reflux into the throat. There is absolutely no need to buy a new bed, as this condition is only temporary. Today, many medical supply stores sell wedges that can be inserted underneath the mattress. The wedges come in different sizes and heights. One may try elevating the head of the bed with pillows, but often the pillows tend to flatten own with time. Doing this should get you heartburn relief during pregnancy for sure.

Other means of avoiding heartburn include changes in posture.  While sitting, do not slouch but sit up straight so that the stomach does not push up on the lower chest. Similarly, when you walk, keep an erect posture to avoid pressure on the lower chest.

Restrictive clothing on the waistline can put pressure on the stomach and induce reflux. This is more of a problem in young thin non-pregnant females. In any case, pregnancy is a time for loose fitting clothes. One of the best ways to avoid heartburn is to drink small amounts of water throughout the day.

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Ideas For Heartburn Relief During Pregnancy

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Heartburn during pregnancy is not tough to handle yet the fact is that doctors frequently do not like to endorse meds as first option treatment. The reason for this is that certain treatments might harm the baby. Although almost all anti ulcer drugs are not dangerous, the better part have never been verified in expecting women and great care needs to be exercised before someone takes any treatment in the course of pregnancy. To find suitable pain relief from heartburn during pregnancy, many health care providers mention making alterations in life style to help lessen the signs and symptoms. Here are some ideas for heartburn relief during pregnancy, they are life style modifications:

Strive to keep a natural weight. The more weight you gain during pregnancy, the larger is the pressure on the stomach. This results in more acid being pushed up into the esophagus and cause heartburn. Nevertheless, prior you start to lose weight during pregnancy, chat to your medical doctor. At times, weight loss is probably not be a sensible option as the mother is too slender or the kid could possibly be too big. Weight-loss during pregnancy is also tricky but you should talk to your obstetrician to aid you with a diet that impedes unnecessary weight gain.

An additional way to stop heartburn is to stay clear of wearing tight fitting clothes. Everything that is firm or restrictive around the waist potentially leads to heartburn. Pregnancy is not the time in your life to worry about looking slim, so dress in clothes comfy instead of tightly fitted.

What are some other ideas for heartburn relief during pregnancy. Well, it is absolutely fundamental to avoid food items that result in heartburn. Each individual has a certain food item that sparks heartburn. A few of the typical foods that trigger heartburn have alcoholic beverages, citrus fruits, tomato sauce, spices or meat items. Avoiding these types of foods will reduce the signs of heartburn considerably. Additionally, steer clear of taking in big meals in one setting. Rather, eat a number of not so big meals that normally are likely to trigger less acid release in the stomach.

When you have had, don’t instantly lie down. Remain to be standing up for at least the next 1-2 hours so that the food has gone through the stomach and the acidity has decreased. Also, stay away from consuming late at night time. The last food item should ideally be had a minimum of a couple of hours prior to bedtime.

In case the heartburn is serious during the night, snooze with the head of bed raised. One doesn’t need to buy a brand new bed, because there are many wedges accessible that can be put beneath the mattress to raise the head of the bed.

Finally, it is crucial that you discontinue smoking and drinking caffeinated beverages. These two societal habits are among the most prevalent reasons of heartburn.

What Are Some Alternative Cures for Heartburn During Pregnancy?


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Because of the risk of medications to the developing fetus during pregnancy, many women who do develop heartburn are reluctant to take any type of drugs. This is understandable because the majority of medications can cause irreversible harm to the fetus. Moreover, most medications have not even been evaluated for their safety during pregnancy.

For this reason many women have been turning to alternative health care for treatment of their heartburn symptoms. There are several alternative cures for heartburn during pregnancy. The aim of these remedies is to decrease acidity by relieving your stress and anxiety levels. If you are pregnant and under a lot of stress, you may want to consider the following treatments:

Aromatherapy is an exotic treatment that combines  use of naturally occurring oils from a variety of plants, herbs, barks, stems and fruits to enhance your physical and psychological well-being. The sweet smelling fragrant oils can be inhaled or massaged and are said to relax the brain. There are many anecdotal reports that use of aromatherapy can help relieve pain, enhance mood and improve mental function.

Gentle exercise during pregnancy cannot only help one maintain decent weight, but boost self esteem. Pregnant women should not perform strenuous exercise for fear of injuring themselves and the baby. Activities recommended to help stimulate the stomach and diminish acidity include walking, cycling or swimming. One should avoid intense exercise as it can worsen heartburn.

Hypnosis is said to decrease anxiety and relieve stress. However, one requires multiple sessions over a period of few months. Unfortunately, hypnosis is also expensive and its benefits are short lived.

One of the cheapest ways to relieve stress and another one of alternative cures for heartburn during pregnancy is listening to soothing soft music. Others may benefit from total body massage with a variety of oils and creams. Like hypnosis, massage is a great stress reliever but it is also costly and the effects are not sustained.

Acupuncture has also been widely touted to relieve stress and anxiety. Like massage and hypnosis, many sessions of acupuncture are required to obtain stress relief. Moreover, acupuncture is not cheap.

All pregnant women who suffer from heartburn should understand that these methods are not a substitute for medical treatment of heartburn but alternative cures for heartburn during pregnancy. The only definitive way to decrease stomach acidity is to take medications. However, when these alternative treatments are used, the dose of medications required to decrease acidity is significantly less.


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